Heinz Schmiedhofer


Univ. Ass.

Univ. Ass. Dipl. Ing. Heinz Schmiedhofer

Born 1972 in Judenburg, Styria, Austria. Graduated from Vienna University of Technology.

Office: Room DE 01 30, Treitlstrasse 3, A-1040 Vienna, Austria
Email: schmiedhofer (at) tuwien.ac.at

Research Areas

Digital Architecture, Architectural Geometry, Industrial Geometry, Geometry Processing, Discrete Freeform Structures for Architectural Design, Developable Surfaces, Architectural NURBS and Subdivision Modeling, Parametric Modeling, 3D-Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, Digital Architectural Production Methods, CNC Milling, Geometric Reverse Engineering.

Software Expertise

CAD Modeling: Rhinoceros 3D, 3D Studio Max, Modo, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Grasshopper, T-Splines, Generative Components,  etc.

Programming: C#, C++, Python, Rhino SDK .NET, VBScript/RhinoScript, QT, OpenGL, etc.


Schmiedhofer, H. (2007). Discrete Freeform Surfaces for Architecture. Graduation Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 2007.

Schmiedhofer, H., S. Brell-Cokcan, A. Schiftner, and R. Ziegler. (2008). Design and Panelization of Architectural Freeform-Surfaces by PQ-Meshes. Poster presentation. Advances in Architectural Geometry, Conference, Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, 2008.

Pottmann, H., A. Schiftner, P. Bo, H. Schmiedhofer, W. Wang, N. Baldassini, and J. Wallner. (2008). Freeform Surfaces from Single Curved Panels. In ACM Trans. Graphics 27/3, no. 76, 1-10.

Brell-Cokcan, S., H. Schmiedhofer, A. Schiftner, R. Ziegler. (2009). Structurize, Planarize, Materialize. Designing Arbitrary Freeform Building Envelopes with PQ-Meshes. In I. Paoletti (ed), Innovative Design & Construction Technologies – Building complex shapes and beyond, Milano,Maggiooli Editore, pp. 311-324.

Brell-Cokcan, S., M. Reis, H. Schmiedhofer, J. Braumann. (2009). Digital Design to Digital Production: Flank Milling with a 7-Axis Robot and Parametric Design. In: “Computation: The New Realm of Architectural Design [27th eCAADe Conference Proceedings]“, eCAADe, Istanbul, 2009.

Sommer, B., H.Schmiedhofer, P. Bauer. (2010). A Bottom-Up Design Approach to the Digital Fabrication of Free-Form Shapes by Structurally Optimized Components. Submitted to AAG2010 Conference.

Schmiedhofer, H. (2010). Interactive Geometric Design of Architectural Freeform Hulls with Embedded Fabrication Information. In: “LIFE in:formation, On Responsive Information and Variations in Architecture, Proceedings”, ACADIA 2010 – Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, New York, 2010.


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