The Concept of Time and the Hard Problem of Consciousness


LVA-Nr. 272.059, VO 2.0h, 3 ECTS, TISS-Entry

Kategorie: Freifach (Architektur), Wahlfach (Architektur), Wahlfach (Raumplanung 3. Abschnitt)LVA-Nr. 272.059, VO2

Time and consciousness are among the most basic and the most contended concepts in science and philosophy. The objective of the lecture is an in-depth introduction into these concepts including the development of novel ideas regarding the joint solution of the hard problems they pose. The lecture presents three concepts of time: (1) homogeneous, symmetric parameter time, (2) anisotropic, directed time, (3) tensed time, i.e. the time containing the now. More details are to be found in the downloadable files.


lecture times CoT + HPoC
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The Concept of Time and the HP of C
Title: The Concept of Time and the HP of C (0 click)
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