Advanced Concepts in CAAD (Part I)


LVA-Nr. 272.051, LU 2.0h, TISS-Entry

This course provides comprehensive skills in computer-generated 3D graphics and animation using 3D Studio Max, the most widely used 3D software in the graphic industry. The range of creative possibilities includes fields such as visualizations, engineering, computer games, television, internet, mulimedia and some other emerging areas of application.

The students focus on the foundations for 3D graphics and animation, complex modelling techniques for producing dynamic architectural visualization, creating lighting effects, storyboarding and stage development, complex materials and mapping, creating and animating objects for real-time display, digital editing of animation sequences, composing with multiple cameras and adding titles and special effects.

These technologies provide an ongoing stream of innovation and allow the students to approach an ever-increasing range of creative possibilities and enable them to communicate with their audience more effectively, giving them the competitive edge.

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