Diploma / PhD.


Agent-Based Simulation in Built Environments

This topic focuses on spatial simulation of individuals (agents) that transition through the built environment, in which they e.g.:

  • utilize sequences of functions (process simulation)
  • perform actions based on rules (behavioural simulation)
  • perform way-finding and seek for exits (egress simulation)

Intended outcome:

  • Simulation of building users in a (freely choosable) scenario – e.g. in a café, hospital, airport or factory, urban simulation (city or region), simulation for heritage /archaeological simulation.
  • Look at building performance under the influence of the elaborated building user routines.
  • Integration into the architectural workflow that is common for the design of the chosen scenario.

What is expected from the student:

  • Think of problem, then solution: 1.) Characterisation of a problem in formal terms (written), from which 2.) the task to be conducted then follows.
  • Project management: Ability to elaborate a project plan, which breaks the work down into digestable packages [together with supervisor].
  • Independent academical work: Ability to work on and deliver work packages in regular intervals, in a self-responsible manner. Furthermore, communication of project status and open questions in orderly and structured manner.
  • Implementation. Simulation requires, to some extent, “programming” (learnable e.g. through LVA Build The Code4D Simulation, online material, etc.). This means that an already-formalized model is converted into a runnable program.

What to expect from the supervisor:

  • Supervision in all phases of the diploma/PhD work through regular meetings.
  • Coaching in academical writing, programming and simulation.
  • Will ensure orderly progression through the diploma/PhD project, as laid out in the project plan. State of completion of the agreed work packages makes the time-frame of the thesis projectable.

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